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Jump Manual

You are reading my uncensored and honest review of what I personally thought about the Jump Manual system. I have actually used the program myself and I am going to share my personal experience and results with the jump manual program. The stuff you are

reading now are the ESSENTIAL details you must know before grabbing a copy yourself. I will also be revealing some SECRET insights on the program itself, so make sure to read that part as well.

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The real reason why I’m writing this review is because when I was thinking about buying the Jump Manual, there weren’t many genuine reviews. I mean there were some fake reviews, but there wasn’t a lot of REAL reviews, you know? So, I thought I’d help those out who were in the same position as I was before buying the program.

There’s a warning though. I’m going to let it all out. I’m going to be sharing both the GOOD and the BAD points of the jump manual, so if that’s something you don’t want to hear, then you should click the back button now. But, if you want an honest opinion on the jump manual, then stick around and read the review.

What is the Jump Manual?

Jump Manual AwardsThe Jump Manual is a jump training guide, that is specifically designed to increase someone’s vertical leap with a systematic and scientific approach to add several inches to anyone’s jump. It is supposed to add at least several inches to your vertical leap in just a few weeks time.

Why would I want to increase my vertical leap? Well, there are several reasons to this question. First, vertical leap is used in all kinds of sports. Some of the more common sports that rely a lot on your vertical jump is basketball and volleyball. But they aren’t only limited to these two sports. Some train their vertical jump for Olympic sports as well. There are also many solo sports that require a good vertical leap. Another reason why someone would increase your vertical leap is that it not only helps out your vertical jump, but it can also help with your horizontal leap as well as your running skills and other activities that require leg power. So, an increase in your vertical leap will help you out in other areas in practically any sport that you may participate in.

So the jump manual program gives you a detailed strategy and schedule of workouts so that you can increase your leap in a quick and effective way. The core materials are in the ebook, which explains how the vertical leap works and goes into really the science of “jumping.” It also goes deeply into the science of muscle development and the science of the “explode” factor which the jump manual emphasizes a lot. As a matter of fact I will explain some concepts of the jump manual in the next section.

The SECRETS of the Jump Manual training

Let me give you the general secrets of why the jump manual is an effective program at increasing your vertical leap.

The best way to increase your vertical leap is to do workouts that are specific to “vertical jumping,” in order to maximize the right muscles for vertical growth. Now, you may be thinking that vertical leap is all about muscle building. This is NOT true. There is a specific way of growing these muscles that you MUST implement for your to increase your leap in the most effective way.

In order to increase your jump is to increase your “EXPLODE.” What the “explode” concept of the jump manual is, utilizing both strength AND speed of your muscles. The speed part of working out your muscles is really, really important because this is what a lot of people overlook. It’s not just about building big muscles, but increasing the speed of those muscles as well.

If you think about it, the movement of “jumping” is basically just using your muscles really quickly thereby springing yourself into the air. So, this is the secret of the Jump Manual training: FAST-TWITCH MUSCLE training.

Yup, that’s the secret. It utilizes your fast-twitch muscles to very effectively increase your jump in the quickest way possible. The program uses exercises such as the squat, but tells you to engage your fast-twitch muscles so that your “explode” will increase and not just your muscles.

Now, I can’t give everything away, but you just need to know that this fast-twitch muscle training is basically the core of the Jump Manual. Let me show you what’s inside the jump manual next.

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What’s Inside the Jump Manual Training Guide

  • The Jump Manual eBook - The core of the program which explains how and why the training works. You will learn A LOT from this ebook.
  • Complete Schedule and Workout Chart- It shows you a day by day schedule of what workouts to do and how to do them.You just follow it step-by-step and that’s it. No thinking involved.The Jump Manual Training Guide
  • Training Videos – You will get tons of videos that will actually show you the workouts. It’ll show you exactly how you are supposed to do the workouts, so that you know you are doing the workouts correctly and you can’t go wrong.
  • Nutrition Plan – The exact eating guide that you need to maximize your jump. You may not think that diet affects your vertical leap training, but you’d be surprised that it is actually a BIG part.
  • One-On-One Coaching – You will get emails to professionals which will answer all of your questions for you. Honestly, I never had to use the email, because everything in the manual was very straight-forward.
  • Gym Alternatives – Alternative exercises so that you won’t need a gym pass. Seriously though, it’ll be a lot easier and quicker if you have access to a gym. But these exercises will do just fine.

My Experience and Results from using the Jump Manual

To be honest, I am pretty tall. I measure at just over six feet tall. But, despite my height, I could not jump to save my life. I couldn’t even reach the rim of a basketball court when I first started out. So I started the jump manual program with one goal in mind: be able to dunk.

So I read through the program and found it really interesting filled with lots of unique info. Then I borrowed my friends gym pass and started doing the workouts. Let me tell you this, straight up. These workouts are HARD! So just be warned that increasing your jump doesn’t come easy.

After about a few weeks of these workouts, I did a benchmark test to see where I am. I went to the same basketball court and believe it or not, I was able to dunk without the ball! So next I tried to dunk WITH the ball, and I did! I wasn’t even halfway through the training process either.

My results with the jump manual is pretty amazing to say the least. I have added several inches to my jump and can now dunk very easily. One thing I can tell you is that is it not easy. You really have to stick to it to get the results you want. But if you dedicate yourself and do everything it says to do, there is not way that it will not work. Now, let me get to the pros and cons of the program

Pros and Cons of Jump Manual


  • LOTS of information that may not need to know. Just like you don’t need to know how a car works to be able to drive it, you also don’t need to know the science behind the workouts to be able to jump higher. But it is interesting information nonetheless.
  • You need DEDICATION. Workouts are not easy, but if you do it right, you WILL get results.
  • Strict diet plan. Yes, there is a certain nutritional plan that you need to follow to get maximum results.


  • Hands-down the most EFFECTIVE and FASTEST way to increase your vertical jump.
  • Videos show you how to correctly do the workouts.
  • Science to back up the workouts. There is a reason why the workouts work and work so well.
  • Support from forums and other members with plenty of SUCCESS STORIES.
  • Too many to name them all.

Conclusion of My Jump Manual Review

Well, there you have it. This is really my honest review of the jump manual. I can tell you that through personal experience, that this stuff works. I hope you learned something new by reading this post, or at least got some confidence that this program can work for you. I am a living, breathing, proof that you CAN jump higher by going through the training. You just need to stay FOCUSED, DEDICATED, and never give up. Then you will get the results you want.

The Jump Manual is a one of it’s kind program and it has helped me tremendously so this is my rating:

Rating: ★★★★½ 

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So, in this article I will be giving you some small tips on how to increase your vertical leap. It doesn’t matter what sport you want to increase your vertical leap for, whether it be basketball, volleyball, or something else, the important thing is just to stick with the exercises.

To get a little scientific, jumping, in terms of science, is basically the rate at which work is done, or energy expended, per unit time. So I’ll give you some ways in which you can increase your power to get yourself higher off the ground.

One thing you need to do is increase your force output, which is pretty obvious. Then, increase the distance of this force output and then combined that with a decreased time of the movement performed. This is a scientific way of increasing your vertical leap. So, let’s convert this into practical terms.

Leg Strength


A lot of your jumping power is coming from your legs. So the best way to increase your vertical leap is by working out your leg muscles. And one of the best ways to work out your leg power is by doing squats. A gym, squat machine is more effective than if you are trying to do squat workouts at home, but anything will do as long as you feel the burn in your legs. Make sure that you try to get as low as possible when doing squats so that you activate your glutes which make up a large portion of your quads.

Single-leg workouts are really essential when you’re training to jump higher. In most sports, you are basically jumping off one leg and therefore one-leg workouts will further strengthen your jump. You want to single-out your legs and work on them one at a time. When it comes to jumping, it is almost always better to add more weights than to add more reps. Since we need to build muscle in the legs so that they can add more power to your vertical leap.

Calf Muscles

Another important section of the leg to concentrate on are your calf muscles. Basically, your quadriceps and “squats” are what start your leap, but your calf strength is what finishes that final propulsion of the vertical leap. Some calf-training exercises include calf-raises and doing jumping jacks. Make sure to add some weights if you want to add more power.

Core & Flexibility

It might not seem like it, but jumping into the air, uses a lot of the core muscles as well. So make sure that you are working out the core, especially your back and abs. You also want to make sure that you are as lean as possible. So, if you have some extra fat to lose, lose it! It’ll be much easier to jump if you lose some fat off your body, so do a lot of cardio to get rid of excess fat.

Another important concept to increasing your vertical leap is your flexibility. You must make sure you are stretching constantly and consistently. This will make your muscles easier to “spring” you up and stretching also reduces injury. The worse thing that can happen to you is getting injured during training, which is almost like taking 2 steps forward and then 5 steps back. So make sure to stretch and take care of your body! To find out the BEST and FASTEST way to increase your vertical leap, make sure to check out the Jump Manual by clicking here.


How to Jump Higher

by Daniel

Increase Your Vertical Leap

There are many methods and many ways you can take to be able to jump higher. Whether you are a basketball player, a volleyball player, a track and field athlete, or just an ordinary person that wants to be able to increase your vertical leap, you certainly can if you follow some tips. You first need to know that jumping is all just in your muscles and how strong and fast they are. When you are jumping, you are not only using your leg muscles, but you are also using all sorts of muscles like your core and even your arms to help you to swing yourself up more. And most of the times, people that are training for vertical leap are either doing it all wrong, or doing it ineffectively to give them the most power. Some train by doing jumps over and over again, or by doing similar exercises and just doing exercises with a lot of reps, which can increase your leap, but it’ll take a really long time to do so. But, a lot of times, people are simply doing the wrong things and not doing the exercises properly.

The Right Exercises to Jump Higher

First of all, you need to know that the act of “jumping” is actually a very quick move and not something that is slow and steady. It’s not a tug of war, where your muscles are activated for long periods of time, instead a “jump” is just a quick usage of muscle, which is used best when combined with power.

So how what are the proper exercises? The real way to be able to jump higher is to first and foremost, work on your leg muscles. And I’m not talking about long reps of jumps or anything like that. What I’m talking about is really building muscle in the legs so that you can get some power out of it. And probably the only way to do this is weight training. Yup, you need to pump some iron to be able to dunk a basketball or reach extreme levels of height in your vertical jump.

Some exercises that you can do are squats. And you really want to go for maximum muscle build, so air squats won’t cut it. You need to get on a machine and really do some heavy lifting in order for you to build the muscle to jump higher. Another exercise that you can do is leg presses. Again, you also need equipment to be able to pull this off. There are of course alternatives, but they just aren’t as effective as doing real heavy lifting. Some home exercises that you can do are squats while holding weights and also lunges as well.

How to Jump Higher Recommendations

Now that you have some exercises to do, you need to know how many, how much weight, and also when to do them. This all can be found in the jump manual, probably the best book there is on building your vertical leap. The strategies in this book have added inches to people’s vertical leap from all around the world. Just take a look at it and give it a shot.